The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Mixed Age Classroom

Education is nearly as important as air. It is like the air you breathe. It is valuable in many areas of life, especially in the social and personal aspects. Education is the only thing that can never be taken away from you or your child. That is why choosing the best school for your kid is a must.

Educational Systems in Eatontown, New Jersey

Many educational systems exist in every country and state. The same can be said in Eatontown, New Jersey. Educational systems are created to hone the skills of new generations. To prepare them for the future, they undergo several processes of learning and acquisition of skills, knowledge, values, habits, and beliefs.

There are two educational systems commonly practiced in Eatontown, New Jersey. They are the graded system and the multi-age system. Most parents enroll their children in the conventional graded system. However, studies suggest that mixed-age classrooms are more convenient and more superior to the traditional education system.

The Graded system is focused on the acquisition of knowledge alone. Meanwhile, the multi-age system refines students through various learning methods. Below is a list of the benefits of mixed-age classrooms that the graded system cannot offer.

Advantages of Mixed age Classrooms

-No Age Segregation

The Intelligent quotient and the level of skill are not based or limited on the age of an individual. Rather, they are based on genes and the environment.

In conventional schools, age segregation is commonly practiced. Here, students are grouped based on their age. This method works well for most children. But, this does not bode well for fast learners and highly developed kids. They will stagnate for a year and continue to repeat what they already know.

This problem was resolved by the creation of mixed age classrooms. Here, students study advanced subjects or topics that are inaccessible for their age. They can also skip the lessons and proceed to study other text or skills.

-Multi-Age Classrooms Removes Unproductive Competitions

Students enrolled in multi-age systems are less likely to compete than cooperate. Instead of viewing their classmates as rivals, they see them as a comrade. They develop a spirit of cooperation while they learn. This bolsters the development of a whole-hearted personality for your child.

-Removes Labeling and Sectioning

Students in same-grade classrooms are often classified into two categories. The first one is below grade level, and the other one is above grade level. This segregates children based on their abilities. Kids who are placed in lower sections may lose the will to compete while those who are in higher sections or grade level may not feel challenged.

Composite classrooms free students from such pride; pride that inhibits them to progress. Enrolling your child in a multi-age educational system will not only allow him to advance but also help him to develop good values.

-Individualized Pace of Learning

In composite classrooms, teachers can tutor each student. The teacher tailors instructions suitable for each child. They take note of all the characteristics of their learners like strengths, weaknesses, the field of interest, personal behavior, social skills, expertise, technical abilities, and much more. In doing so, they can plan and create a teaching method for each student and implement it to support their education.

-Provides a Family Like Environment

If you enroll your child in a school that supports a multi-age system, then your kid can form bonds and values necessary for adult life. Such schools generate family-like environments where students can feel at ease while studying.

The children can also experience leadership roles because they can mentor younger classmates. Such opportunity increases a younger childs self-esteem and the older childs competence and independence. It also develops a sense of belonging to a family of learners.

-Bolsters Self-Esteem

Composite classrooms are psychologically and socially healthy because it provides intimate contact with individuals of different ages and also promotes friendship with peers and adults. In such an environment, confidence in ones own abilities and worth is developed.


Composite classroom allows your child to experience a gender-balanced and family-like environment. They can learn from a private tutor and gain advanced lessons. They can also compete with older individuals, support younger kids, and take on leadership roles.

Eatontown mixed age classrooms are becoming popular with parents and children in New Jersey. Enrolling your child in such an educational system will make him or her a better adult in the future. The system will provide your child all the knowledge and abilities that he or she can acquire in traditional educational systems while being able to develop positive characteristics and principles.