Preparing For My Babys Delivery

Finding out that I was pregnant was the greatest joy and surprise of my life. My husband and I had just moved to Canada from the UK and we were still getting used to our new home and jobs. As soon as we found out we were going to become parents, we started making preparations, focusing especially on finding the right cord blood bank and getting in touch with a specialized courier to make the delivery quickly, Canada market being still full of surprises for us, especially in terms of cord blood banking companies and couriers specialized in delivering the cord blood from the clinic to the bank.

We decided to give our child every possible fighting chance, so we chose to preserve the cord blood, in case we would need it later for stem cell therapy. Also, I decided to brave it out and deliver the baby 100% naturally, without an epidural.

Getting In the Motherhood Mindset

Caring for another was a novel experience for me from the first weeks of pregnancy. However, I found out that it is very easy to be a responsible pregnant woman in Canada: bio food and 100% natural vitamin drinks are easily available in every supermarket and there are a lot of gyms catering to the special needs of future mothers.

I feared Lamaze classes Ive always found it hard to act out in front of others. The idea of pretending to give birth and breathe in that funny way in a room full of other couples was scary. However, the friendly instructor made everyone feel at ease by throwing in a joke here and there and, soon, I was looking forward to the weekly Lamaze class.

How My Doctor Became My Best Friend

As new residents in a new country, we had to start fresh with everything including the doctor who would monitor my health and assist me at birth. After a few initial awkward appointments, we finally broke the ice. She is an alert and lively woman, with two children of her own and a wealth of personal and professional experience in childbirth.

My doctor was an invaluable help in selecting a reputable stem cells bank and a courier to make the delivery quickly. She explained to me that it is critical to inform both the stem cells bank and the delivery service as soon as labour starts.

Leaving My Fears Behind

As I progressed through the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, I learned to be more confident in my instincts and enjoy these special moments of my life. I know that I have taken all the necessary precautions and I am keeping a healthy lifestyle to give my baby the best chances for a perfect start in life.

And when the big moment comes, I will be ready. I will walk inside the maternity ward knowing that I have my loving husband and a competent doctor by my side, that the courier to make the delivery quickly will take the babys cord blood to the stem cell bank for safe preservation, and that our new family will live an extremely happy life in Canada, our new country.